• Q1 – Design learning outcomes for critical enquiry, employability, and sustainability
  • Q2 – Design authentic learning interventions for engagement
  • Q3 – Designing authentic assessment interventions for engagement
  • Q4 – Identify and select technologies to deliver engagement and authenticity in learning
  • Q5 – Self-development of skills for creating and delivering learning through selected technologies
  • Q6 – Agree delivery responsibilities for learning technologies
  • Q7 – Create authentic and engaging learning and assessment interventions using appropriate technologies
  • Q8 – Distribute technologies to staff and students ready for learning
  • Q9 – Provide students support with the use of technologies for learning
  • Q10 – Deliver authentic and engaging learning and assessment through technology
  • Q11 – Enable student independence and innovation in learning through digital technologies
  • Q12 – Review the impact of learning through digital technology


  • RED: your individual result
  • BLUE: average benchmark
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